Iraqi students at the University of Northampton join in with University of Babylon’s 25th anniversary celebrations

Date 16.11.2015

The University of Babylon is celebrating its 25th anniversary this month, and as part of the Babylonian festivities international students studying in Northampton were able to celebrate with their peers in a two-hour video call via Skype. A webcam was set up in both universities, giving students in the UK the opportunity to join in the excitement in Iraq.

Twenty-five BSc Computing students from the University of Babylon are currently taking part in a study twinning plan, which enables them to split their course between the two Universities.

The Iraqi minister for Education took part in the two way celebrations, speaking with the students in both countries about their experiences.

Senior Lecturer in Computing at the School of Science and Technology, Dr Ali Al-Sherbaz, believes that the event had had a great response.

Dr Kamal Bechkoum, executive Dean at the School of Science and Technology has also sent a video over to the University of Babylon congratulating them on their 25th anniversary.

The University of Northampton hope to see another intake of Babylon students in September ready for next year.

Below is a commemorative video, featuring Dr Kamal Bechkoum which was shown at the Babylon event.