In the news 17-23 July 2020

Date 23.07.2020

A round-up of mentions of our students and staff in the media during the past week.

The Graduate Fashion Foundation (GFF) and TikTok concluded their two-week manufacturing residency, featuring the work of UON student Nifemi Duyelemi, as reported in The Glass magazine.

Environmental charity Hubbub asked university students to tackle fast fashion, water waste and air pollution. Some of their work is featured in Design Week.

Senior Lecturer in Journalism Kate Ironside was “unleashed” on BBC Radio Three Counties about the government’s “muddled messaging” on the wearing of facemasks, ahead of new legislation which will soon be enforced. Listen again (starts 1:10:10).

Social Work student Nancy Tsvara created a charity tasked with collecting and distributing ethnic traditional foods to vulnerable members of her local community, as reported in the Leicester Mercury.

Acting student Louise Lord spoke with BBC Radio Northampton’s Tim Wheeler about creating a play about a world with no bees. Listen again (1:46:00).

Senior Lecturer in Education (Early Years) Sharon Smith is also qualified nurse. Despite not having ‘walked the wards’ for 25 years, she answered the government’s call for retired nursing professionals to return to healthcare and support the NHS. Her story is reported in the Chronicle & Echo and FE News.

Our coronavirus expert Dr Steve O’Brien spoke with BBC Radio Northampton’s Stuart Mills about the developments with vaccine development. Listen again (1:47:55; 2:12:40; 2:45:00).

David Sherwood, Tannery Manager at our Institute for Creative Leather Technologies, spoke with BBC Radio Northampton’s John Griff about the centre’s part in supporting Scrubs Up for NHS Northants, dyeing half a tonne of material that was used to make clinical scrubs. Listen again (starts 3:35:45 in).

The University’s men’s rugby team donated a coffee machine to members of staff at Northampton General Hospital, as a thank you for treating injured players, as reported in the Chronicle & Echo and East Mids Connected.

Ten new police officers are on the beat in Northamptonshire after their a three-year Professional Policing degree run in collaboration with University of Northampton, as reported in the Northants Telegraph, Chronicle & Echo and Daventry Express.