In the news: 10-16 March 2023

Date 16.03.2023

A round up of mentions of our students, staff and the University over the past week.

Research by UON’s Dr Jack Hardwicke about competitive cyclists’ perceptions of headgear safety features in Road CC.

Chief Operating Officer Becky Bradshaw recently won a Northamptonshire inspirational woman of the year award (business). She spoke with BBC Radio Northampton’s John Griff about her work at the University and the positive impact women in senior roles can have for an organisation. Listen again here (starts at 3hrs and 15mins.

BBC Radio Northampton’s Akylah Rodriguez has opened a new academic-led research and professional interests chat half hour. First through the doors of her ‘Sunday School’ was Senior Lecturer in Psychology Dr Charlotte Dann who talked about her research into the issues faced by women with tattoos. Listen again here (starts from 1hr and 35mins).

The Oscars were held this week and movie expert and Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Theory Anthony Stepniak sat up all night to watch the glitz and glamour of the ceremony and spoke with BBC Radio Northampton’s Annabel Amos about the winners. Listen again here (starts at 1hr and 47mins).

Journalism student Zosia Czubak was heard all over the BBC local radio network this week, following her news headlines round up for BBC 5 Live. Listen again to her Wednesday 15 March update here (starts just after 3hrs 46mins).

Hair, Make-Up and Prosthetics for the Stage and Screen student Vicky Stuart took part in BBC Radio Northampton’s Pop Quiz. The questions covered music from the 1960’s and Vicky also talked about what her course involves. Listen again here (starts at 1hr 42mins).

Special Educational Needs and Inclusion lecturer Korrin Smith-Whitehouse also helms a research project that uses poetry writing to understand and support people who work in health, education or care. Her research featured in the Chronicle and Echo.

NLive Radio shows featuring UON academics include Open4Business with Adrian Pryce, Senior Lecturer in Strategy and International Business and Ambidextrous, the women in the arts programme with Hilary Scott, Senior Lecturer in Journalism and Broadcast Journalism.