Hundreds tune in to get Robin’s contract cheat-spotting tips

Date 5.08.2020

A global audience of more than 600 people has tuned in to watch an expert from the University of Northampton provide tips on stopping students cheating at their work.

Dr Robin Crockett is at the forefront of the fight to deter students from turning to essay mills and contract cheating – in other words, paying other people to complete coursework for them.

The University’s Reader in Data Analysis and lead on contract cheating, recorded a webinar where he discussed the problem and provided tips and advice to help educators proceed when they feel an assignment doesn’t look quite right.

The webinar, hosted on Turnitin’s website, has so far been watched by more than 600 people from across Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. It has been so popular that some universities have asked if the content can be used for staff training purposes.

Robin said: “The increases in numbers of essay mills over recent years, and the increasingly cheap prices charged to students, means contract cheating is an increasing issue for education institutions worldwide.

“It was really pleasing to have so many colleagues register and take part – with more still signing up for the recording – evidence that the problem is being taken seriously both within and outside the UK.”

You can watch the webinar on the Turnitin website – you will need to register to access it.

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