Game on! UN students work on design ideas for PlayStation project

Date 13.11.2015

Three University of Northampton students have been working with design consultancy DeeThree Limited on a client brief for PlayStation.

DeeThree Limited, based within the University of Northampton’s Portfolio Innovation Centre, worked with three Product Design students – Christopher Doyle, Darrel Court and Josh Wells – to produce a set of ten model trophies for PlayStation. The trophy designs will be used in a promotional video to mimic winning game awards when playing online.

The students completed the project in less than three days. Peter Davis from DeeThree commented: “All three of the students surpassed our expectations and learnt some new techniques and methods of approaching each new challenge.”

Student Christopher Doyle commented: “Working with DeeThree on this project was great, all three of us were able to attribute our existing skills to a live project. It was a great experience and DeeThree helped us develop our existing skills and build on new skills during the project.”

Christopher Doyle, Darrel Court and Josh Wells

The students used the clients’ PDF pictures to create a identical 3D version using Autodesks Maya (a 3D modelling package). They converted the files into formats that work with the laser cutters and 3D printers on site at the University’s Avenue Campus. Having the master copy printed using a 3D printer Zcorp 650, the students used silicone to create a negative mould  of the master print that would stand up to making nine copies out of polyurethane. These were then moved to the spray booth to get the desired gold, silver and bronze metallic finish to the models.

DeeThree is affiliated with the University of Northampton, bringing together 3D elements in virtual reality, physical model making to augmented reality. For further information, please contact Peter Davis on or visit DeeThree at the University’s Portfolio Innovation Centre on Avenue Campus.