Express delivery…but cool, calm and professional paramedics

Date 2.02.2021

A Paramedic student received praise from her crew members for keeping on top of a fraught situation, when a baby decided to make an appearance in the world slightly earlier than expected.

Emily Copson was on call-out when the crew responded to a 999 call on 14 January from the Mackrill family in Stamford when the birth of their second baby – not due for another week – started in the early hours of the morning.

As their first baby – three-year old Harry – also arrived early and knowing they couldn’t make it to hospital on their own, a quick call to 999 meant Emily’s crew were soon on their way.

Also in the crew were paramedic Kirsty Large and technician David Harley. Both are war veterans – former Army driver Kirsty served for nine years including in Bosnia and Iraq. David served in the RAF Regiment for 33 years including in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kirsty in particular is a bit of a dab hand at the situation she faced in January. Since joining East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) two and half years ago, she has already helped to deliver six other babies. Not surprisingly then, all proceeded smoothly.

This was Emily’s first birth as a student paramedic and Kirsty has nothing but praise for how she handled the situation.

Kirsty added: “Emily was behind me every step of the way doing a fantastic job of encouraging mum, supplying her with gas and air and offering her water.

“Emily was excited and keen to learn what was in the best interests for both Louise and the baby from the onset and she will continue to grow and develop as she gains more experience.

“But this was very much a team effort and I am grateful that I was working with Dave and Emily throughout.”

Kirsty, Dave and Emily were delighted to hear from Tim and Louise Mackrill that they called their new son Laurie.

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