Explosive emotions and missions to Mars at local schools

Date 23.03.2020

Local primary schools were temporarily turned into effervescent emotions labs and mini-Cape Canaverals, when University students visited to create future scientific minds.

The ‘Stem4Me’ project took psychology and computing students into Kings Heath and Lumbertubs Primary schools where they gave fun and informative workshops about subjects close to their hearts.

The school pupils took turns learning about the science and technology behind two scenarios: a trip to Mars and the inner workings of the human mind.

The pupils in the computing workshop took a virtual journey to the red planet and considered what essential objects they needed to take.

Later, they learned team work and communication as they navigated their friends through a ‘meteor field’ set up on the classroom floor.

Switching scientific sides, they journeyed through the ‘country of the mind’ and looked at what emotions we have and how they work.

This culminated in a ‘volcanic emotional explosion’ – thanks to food dye, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

With committed University students, engaged children and the added ingredient of lecturer Dr Josephine Chen-Wilson – who kick-started STEM4Me – the final concoction was a potent success.

Carla Massey Year 5 class teacher, said: “We feel so privileged to have been part of the start of STEM Buddies with the University and Dr Jo. The main drivers here at Lumbertubs Primary School are to give our children opportunities and aspirations for their future.

“The students from UON were outstanding role models, presenting exciting examples of science in real life. The children had the chance to experience these skills first hand. When else can you be an astronaut and an a psychologist in the same afternoon?!”

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