Elevator company gets a ‘lift up’ with expert knowledge exchange partnership

Date 27.03.2023

Local businesses that need to get to the next level can access expert led bespoke support from University of Northampton (UON).

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)* help businesses improve their competitiveness and productivity through the knowledge, technology, and skills of experts-in-their-fields.

Businesses collaborate with a UON academic team and a talented graduate or postgraduate student to develop a particular business initiative.

KTPs can be as bespoke as needed, and up to 75% of the costs* can be funded (depending on the size and type of business).

One company that has benefitted from a KTP with University of Northampton is EES UK, a local metal working and elevator company.

With UON’s Engineering team, they have created fire-proof gates that provide a barrier for the lift shaft while the dedicated lift door is not in place, stopping people from falling in and preventing fires from spreading.

Neil Clark, Production Manager at EES, adds: “With the University’s experience and history with lift engineering, they were absolutely the right ‘fit’ for us. The partnership has helped our research and development department and created a role for an associate here. I’d recommend other businesses seriously consider a KTP as it has boosted our company’s profile. It has opened our eyes to new possibilities, and opened our doors to other industries we may not otherwise have had access to.”

UON Research Assistant Mateusz Gizicki is the associate and adds: “The product went from just an idea, through the concept stage, to development of a solution certified for use. The whole process has been very successful. As the associate, I was employed full time to address what EES UK needed and looked at the problem from a new perspective.”

To highlight the benefits of KTPs, there are two free to attend breakfast networking events coming up. Supported by Innovate UK and Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce, there will be a panel discussion and drop-in opportunities for those interested in completing a KTP on these dates:

  • Friday 21 April, 08:30–10:30 at Kettering Park Hotel & Spa, NN15 6XT
  • Thursday 27 April 08:30–10:30am at Marriott Northampton, NN4 7HW.

Hear more from businesses that have benefitted from KTPs at UON on our Youtube Channel.

*KTPs at UON are funded by Innovate UK that offer the following options:

  • 67% SMEs of project cost for micro, small and medium-sized businesses
  • 50% of project cost for Large Businesses and some public sector organisations
  • 75% of project cost for not-for-profit businesses of any size.