Chancellor’s Fund enables Moulton College lecturer to attend conference in Australia

Date 12.11.2015

An associate lecturer from Mouton College was able to attend a research conference in Australia with the support of the University of Northampton’s Chancellor’s Fund.

The Chancellor’s Fund is a bi-annual fund providing students with awards of between £100 and £1,000. Julia Lock was able to attend the biennial Australasian Plant Pathology Conference in Fremantle, Western Australia and joined fellow researchers in discussing plant pathology interactions, biological controls, pathogenicity, and epidemiology.

Julia commented: “The conference sessions and networking opportunities lent themselves to better versing me in what is happening worldwide in the field of plant pathology. It also provided a platform for disseminating my own work in the form of a talk, in which I explained the significantly positive effects seen in tree roots subsequent to treatment with Novel Green Manure.

“In summary, the opportunity to travel and participate in this experience has opened my eyes to new possibilities and further raised my awareness of the global importance of plant pathology.  Meanwhile it was also enlightening to learn more about the flora of Western Australia, which included some of the vivid endemic wildflowers and the towering hardwood forests of the Karri, Tingle, Marri, and Jarrah.  I also took great delight in watching the sun set on William Bay and the wonderful experience of seeing a number of Kangaroos and native birds in their natural habitat.

“I would like to thank my supervisors for their ongoing support and encouragement, Moulton College for giving the time to do this, and the University of Northampton for contributing funds.”