Celebrating Postgraduate Researchers

Date 2.03.2021

Three postgraduate research students from the Faculty of Business and Law have had seen their early career research published.

Alvaro Dossa, Shalini Bisani, and Oluwaseyi Omoloso have all recently had part of their doctoral research published in leading academic journals. From the circular economy, to place marketing and sustainable manufacturing in the leather industry, the research portfolio within the Faculty of Business and Law creates a diverse and global impact.

Publication of research is an important step for early career researchers. Not only does getting published provide the researcher with important peer reviews, publishing supports research students to advance their careers, by developing their academic research and critical thinking skills.

Associate Professor Hala Mansour, the Postgraduate Research (PGR) lead within the University’s Faculty of Business and Law commented: “Today, our commitment to research is stronger than ever, and that is creating some exciting opportunities for our students. We have a supportive platform for professional researchers to develop their skills and create impact through the publication of their research as they progress through their PhD studies.

“As PGR lead for the faculty, I’m very proud of the hard work these funded PhD students have put in and I’m delighted to have been part of the important research support network at the University, supporting them through their early research career.”

Associate Professor, Kathleen Mortimer, who is in the supervisory team of all three commented: “These students are producing some high-quality research and I am sure these papers will be the first of many.”


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