Budding logistics managers graduate with practical experience of industry software

News Page 20th June 2017

University of Northampton students looking to forge a managerial career in logistics and supply chain management are graduating with key experience of using key industry software.

UK firm Open Door Logistics (ODL) has teamed up with the University’s Faculty of Business and Law to allow BA Business and BSc Construction Management undergraduates to use its commercial software to solve transport problems.

Final year students get to use the programme during their Supply Chain Operations Management module, to analyse the potential sales of timber products by postcode and to propose depot locations based on the output of ODL Studio’s clustering algorithm.

Associate Professor of Logistics, Andrew Gough, pictured, said: “We were looking for software that could be deployed simply and readily on both our students’ devices and University computers. We needed the software to be easy to learn and to be supported by good quality tutorials. ODL Studio fitted the bill.”

“The next generation of operations managers will require a greater degree of fluency with digital solutions. Practice, rather than lectures, is the best way to develop these skills.”


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