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Blog: What’s in store for #EducatingNorthants

News Page 25th March 2019

This weekend, over 500 educators from Northamptonshire will gather together at the #EducatingNorthants Conference, celebrating teaching, learning and leadership in Northamptonshire.

Dr Helen Scott, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Humanities at the University of Northampton, former teacher and conference organiser, blogs about what is in store for her conference session, “NTEC Research at UON” where she considers, with colleagues, ‘What’s the secret to successful schools in Northamptonshire?’

Dr Helen Scott said: “For the past year or so, a group of educational researchers at the University of Northampton have been examining why certain schools in the town continue to be successful, and are judged by Ofsted as “Outstanding”. The group have been analysing Ofsted inspection reports, getting their heads round the vast amount of demographic data available online and crucially, interviewing head teachers about what they think makes their schools successful.

“Head teachers have been asked about the challenges they face within their schools; including, children living in families in difficult circumstances, problems with attracting, and keeping excellent teachers, and the effects of social media on young people’s well-being-to name a few, and uncovering how they have address them within their unique environment. This has been a fascinating project so far, and we have very much appreciated the involvement of local head teachers- their time and willingness to share their experiences. We feel privileged to have heard first hand from such talented leaders. Although many of the researchers have lived and worked in Northampton for some time, we have learned so much and we will continue to share our findings as the project progresses into its next stages.

“If you’re not attending the #EducatingNorthants conference, but are interested to hear much more about the research project and the reasons those head teachers, believe their schools are successful, follow the conference chatter using #EducatingNorthants on Twitter.”

To find more about the #EducatingNorthants Conference, and the full speaker list, including other University of Northampton academics, visit the #EducatingNorthants website here.

Carly Waterman, another event organiser shares her thoughts on the conference here:

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