Blog: Exploring the world of podiatric careers

Date 18.09.2017

Dr Paul Beeson, Senior Lecturer in Podiatry at the University of Northampton, writes about his career journey and the varied options available for students, ahead of a major conference here in Northampton.

What people don’t realise is that podiatry is a fascinating, fulfilling, and varied profession with a wide range of sub-specialisms within the broad remit of foot and ankle health.

There are excellent employability figures and enticing salaries, with numerous career paths open to podiatry students after they graduate.

To help bring this to life, we are hosting a conference next month aimed at helping podiatry students see the diversity of jobs available to them.

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How times have changed from when I qualified in podiatry, way back in 1983 in Huddersfield.

I have worked in the NHS for 11 years in a variety of clinical posts in hospitals and GP practices. I specialised in the treatment of juvenile arthritis for eight of these years, before obtaining a post as a senior lecturer at the University of Northampton.

My colleagues here at the University of Northampton likewise have wide experience. Students at Northampton reap the benefits of being taught by an enthusiastic lecturing staff with a wide range of clinical expertise.

Reflecting the status and pedigree of Northampton’s podiatry course, we have been selected to host the first ever student conference in England of organised by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons’ (Glasgow) Faculty of Podiatric Medicine at our Avenue Campus on 18 October.

From academic research, musculoskeletal podiatry, podiatric surgery, sport medicine, diabetes care and private practice, the conference programme is designed to help students take a confident step post-graduation.

I’ve worked in podiatry for just over 30 years, trying my hand at several specialist areas, but wish there had been some sign-posting to help direct my career prior to graduation.

On 18 October, podiatry undergrads from across England will hear first-hand from top podiatrists about their own career paths and how this has influenced their development.

Lecturing, however, has been my most interesting and stimulating role to date, getting to interact with and teach students about an area I feel passionate about.

At the University of Northampton, our podiatry course focuses on the whole of the human body, not just one end of it. Right from the start, our students get acclimatised to the idea that podiatry works alongside other health professions, to provide the best in care and wellbeing for their patients.

For any podiatry students out there who don’t just want to sort out the more common (albeit, very pressing) foot problems, they should come to Northampton and find out what careers are waiting for them.

Read here for more details about our podiatry course.

Conference tickets are £5 per attendee and can be booked online at, by calling 0141 465 7280 or emailing