A bright idea with new, summer internship scheme

Date 13.05.2021

University of Northampton’s (UON) students and recent graduates could see their future job prospects looking much brighter thanks to a new internship partnership.

The Internship Experience is a three-day series of online talks, workshops, networking opportunities and other specialist activities, provided by UON partner Bright Network.

By the end, participants should be fully equipped to be an attractive employment prospect with the knowledge and skills they would gain from a physical internship, now conveniently beamed straight to their laptop.

The activities will be delivered by leading employers and industry experts and the programme even includes optional wellbeing extras such as yoga sessions.

The programme covers eight professional sectors, including commercial law, engineering and public sector, policy and charity.

Applications for the Internship Experience 2021 opened on 12 May for all UON students and those who graduated within the past year, regardless of background. They close on 24 June.

Mark Blaber, Head of Careers and Employability, said: “We are very happy to announce the start of our partnership with the Internship Experience. 75,000 people have already completed the programme that can give a significant employability boost during a time when looking for a job and career are more challenging than usual.

“Students and recent graduates can sign up now and full take advantage of this ‘internship at your touch a keyboard’ opportunity that we’re sure will create many bright sparks.”