Clinical Skills Simulation Lab

The Clinical Skills room is a simulated Ward lab (room LH341) that offers a realistic, acute clinical environment where students can safely practice assessment, clinical reasoning skills, treatment and management techniques. It is equipped with hospital beds, clinical equipment and hyper-real mannequins to fully immerse the learner in the clinical environment.

Clinical skills equipment can also be transferred to other areas of the campus to ensure the students have ample opportunities to practice these skills, making the most of the learning environments to offer students a good quality and safe experience. The Clinical Skills simulation lab is used across the programmes to enhance problem-solving skills while enabling the students to practice and develop their clinical skills in a safe and supportive manner. The teaching ranges from fully simulated patient sessions to specific techniques and skills training.

Learners are also able to access a variety of other areas at our Waterside campus for learning; including: a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom simulation areas. These areas are used to reflect the real-world environments that, for example, physiotherapists and occupational therapists work in, in order to give the students the opportunity to experience these environments before their clinical placements.