Bioscience Laboratories

Our Bioscience laboratories are modern and exceptionally well equipped with research facilities that will enable you to learn and develop your skills in an innovative and supportive environment.

Specialist facilities include:

  • the Creative Hub Teaching Laboratory, where students learn fundamental techniques using equipment such as fluorescence and micropipettes, as well as bright-field and electron microscopes. Here students work with real samples such as DNA, RNA and cholesterol to build the foundations of their laboratory learning
  • dedicated cell culture facilities, where students work on in-depth studies looking at cancer types, Duchenes muscular dystrophy and sepsis
  • specialist microbiology laboratories, used for detailed investigations of yeast, bacteria and fungi, looking into sub-lethal doses of antibiotics and resistance
  • chemistry facilities, where we utilise acids and bases, and perform enzyme experiments
  • molecular laboratory facilities, used in advanced studies that may involve PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction), gel electrophoresis, next-generation sequencing technology and western blots, a laboratory technique used to detect a specific protein in a blood or tissue sample
Bioscience lab gallery
  • Courses: Biochemistry BSc, Biological Sciences BSc, Biomedical Science BSc, Molecular Bioscience MSc, Pharmacology BSc
  • Location: Creative Hub
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