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Dr. Triantafyllos Kanakis

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer - Computing
  • Department: Computing

General information

Dr Triantafyllos Kanakis holds a BEng (Hons) in Communication Systems Engineering from the University of Portsmouth, an MSc in Mobile and Personal Communications from King's College London and a PhD in Wireless and Mobile Communications from the University of Greenwich.

He worked as a senior lecturer in Mobile and Wireless Communications at the University of Greenwich before joining the Hellenic Navy to fulfil his mandatory military service where he served with the rank of corporal. He then moved to Czech Republic where he worked as a network engineer for AT&T, the world's largest network provider, before moving back to the UK where he worked as a Technical Trainer in eXplanoTech. He has been the main editor of the technology columns of and the Athens Views, the only weekly Greek journal printed in English language.

Dr Kanakis has participated in major international scientific and technical conferences and forums as a presenter, while he has tens of scientific and technical publications in international journals and conferences.

He joined the University of Northampton, Department of Computing, in 2014 as a lecturer in computer networks.


  • Module leader /Lecturer: CSY2001 – Computer Networks
  • Lecturer: CSY3021 – Wireless & Advanced Networks Technologies
  • Lecturer: CSYM029 – Computer Networks
  • Supervisor: CSY2027 – Group Project
  • Supervisor: CSY4010 – Computing Dissertation


IoT, IoE, M2M, 5G, MIMO, Massive MIMO, HetNets, Cooperative Networks, Information Theory, Filter Theory, Channel Coding


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  1. Kanakis, T., Opoku Agyeman, M. and Bakaoukas, A. G. (2016) Adaptive virtual MIMO single cluster optimization in a small cell. Paper presented to: 7th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering, Amity University, Noida, India, 12-13 January 2017.
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  1. Al Barrak, A., Al-Sherbaz, A., Kanakis, T. and Crockett, R. G. M. (2015) Network coding/forward error correction code for multiple-input multiple-output wireless communication system. Workshop presented to: 8th Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) Postgraduate Research Conference 2015: Innovation, Manchester Metropolitan University, 05 November 2015. (Unpublished)
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