Research Profile

Dr Toby

Senior Lecturer in Education (ECYP)

  • Toby holds a BA in Modern History from the University of Oxford (1992), a Master of Studies (MSt) in Historical Research also from Oxford (1995) and a PhD from the University of Southampton (2001). He specialised in Medieval History at postgraduate level, with special reference to aristocratic societies in the period c1066-c1500. In 2001 Toby also gained a PGCE from the University of Bath. He taught to classroom level, head of department and finally deputy head i/c academic in a variety of maintained, independent and FE institutions before returning to HE.

  • Toby teaches on the following EDU modules:

    • 1003 (Recent and Contemporary Issues in Education)
    • 1031 (Introduction to Education Studies Part B)
    • 1032 (Introduction to Education Studies Part A)
    • 2025 (Transitions for Children, Young People and their Families)
    • 2026 (History of Childhood)
    • 2029 (Education and Heritage)
    • 3004 (Education, Culture & Society)
    • 3039 (Critical Perspectives on Current Education Practices)
    • Leading on the 1031, 1032, 2026, 2029, 3004, and 3039 modules.
  • Toby is currently preparing material for publication which assesses the teaching of medieval history in secondary schools in light of the new curriculum changes, as well as continuing his post-doctoral research into late medieval aristocratic societies for future publication.

    He is also involved in researching the Holocaust, visits to museums and camps and their impact on students.

  • Textbooks

    • The First Crusade and the Crusader States, 1073-1192, (Heinemann, 2010)
    • Raiders and Traders: The British Isles c.400-1100 (Heinemann, 2006)
    • Power and Control: Kingship in the Middle Ages c.1100-1500 (Heinemann, 2006)
    • Medieval England, 1042-1228 (Heinemann 2004)

    Historical Fiction

    • The Zaharoff Conspiracy (Methuen, 2014)


    • ‘All Quiet on the Western Front?’ Innovations teaching magazine (2008)
    • ‘Excavation Stations’ TES Magazine (Feb 2008)
    • ‘The Origins of English Feudalism? An Episcopal Land-Grant Revisited,’ Historical Research 73 (February 2000), pp.80-92
    • ‘William FitzOsbern, Earl of Hereford: Personality and Power on the Welsh Frontier, 1066-1071,’ in Armies, Chivalry and Warfare in Medieval France and Britain, ed. M Strickland (1998), pp. 133-146.
    • ‘Castles of Herefordshire’ Medieval History (1994)