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Mr. Thomas Butler

  • Job title: Lecturer in Computing
  • Department: Computing

General information

Tom is a PhD student and lecturer at the University of Northampton with an interest in best practices. Given two or more solutions to the same problem, how do you decide which is best? How do you define best? And what metrics

As well as lecturing, Tom runs a programming blog which discusses advanced areas of object-oriented programming and other challenges we face as programmers.

Tom has worked in industry as a web developer for the last eight years, has been lecturing part time for the last two and this year transitioned to becoming a full time lecturer.


Tom currently teaches Web Programming years 1 and 2 which covers HTML, CSS and Javascript as well as PHP and MySQL. Students should leave the course with a complete knowledge of how to build a database driven website from start to finish. We are using industry standard technology while keeping up to date with the latest trends.

Along with Web Programming, Tom teaches Software Design and Development, a Java module with a focus on the underlying principles of programming and an aim to teach best practices including how to maximise code reuse. Code that can be used in another program will save you time later on.


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