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Dr. Phillippa Bennett

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer in English & Creative Writing
  • Department: English & Creative Writing

General information

Administrative Positions

Senior Lecturer in English and Admissions Tutor for English

Other positions

William Morris Society Trustee and former Honorary Secretary and Vice Chair; member of the Editorial Board for The Journal of William Morris Studies; member of the British Association for Victorian Studies; External Examiner for the University of Wolverhampton.


Phillippa is currently Module Leader for the following modules:

  • Nineteenth-Century Literature (Level 4)
  • Gothic Literature (Level 5)
  • Wonders Dreams and Marvels: Victorian Fantasy Writing (Level 6)
  • Brave New Worlds (Level 7).

Other areas of teaching expertise include Eighteenth-Century Literature and Romanticism.


Research interests

The life and work of William Morris. Nineteenth-century literature, particularly medievalism, the development of the romance form, gothic writing and utopian writing; nineteenth-century Socialism and Communism and the development of revolutionary ideals; nineteenth-century aesthetics, including Pre-Raphaelitism, architecture and the Arts and Crafts movement; nineteenth-century explorations of Iceland and the revival of the literature of the Great Old North.

Current Research Projects

Phillippa has recently published a co-edited collection of essays on William Morris's literary, aesthetic and political legacy in the twenty-first century and is also working on a book on William Morris's Last Romances.

Areas for supervision of research students

Phillippa would welcome applications for postgraduate research on topics relating to William Morris, nineteenth-century literature and culture, Gothic and Fantasy writing.

Current Supervisions:

  • 'Morality versus Materialism, an interminable dichotomy: Radical discourse in eighteenth-century thought and literature 1750-1800'.
  • 'The Village Shop and Rural Life in Victorian England: Cultural representations and lived experience'.


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