Staff Profile

  • Nur Fatin’s educational backgrounds are operation management, supply chain management and logistics. She obtained a PhD from Coventry University – investigated reverse logistics sustainability performance of the Malaysian automobile industry by using mixed methods to analyse sustainability drivers and develop sustainability KPIs. She studied an MBA (Logistics and Supply Chain Management) at the University of Sunderland and completed a bachelor’s degree in management (operation) from Universiti Sains Malaysia.

  • Teaching at postgraduate and undergraduate levels – covering Logistics and Supply Chain Management modules.

  • Nur Fatin has experience conducting research related to sustainable supply chain management. Her master dissertation investigated customer expectations of retail’ reverse logistics. Meanwhile, her PhD project studied sustainable management of reverse logistics in a developing country. Nur Fatin is capable to conduct mixed-method projects and analyse data using Interpretive Structural Modelling, Analytical Hierarchy Process and Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process.

    Nur Fatin is interested in researching sustainability in logistics and supply chain management contexts. These include sustainable management, reverse logistics, sustainable supply chain management, sustainability drivers, sustainability development of developing countries, sustainability policies and sustainability performance measurement.

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