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Dr. Mike Starr

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer in Film & Television Studies
  • Department: Journalism, Media & Performance

General information

Michael Starr lectures in Film and Screen Studies, English and Cultural Theory at the University of Northampton.


Michael Starr teaches across a range of modules in both the Film and Screen Studies and English departments, specialising in critical theory, science fiction film and contemporaneous issues surrounding transmedia. He also sup​ervises both undergraduate dissertations and PhD students.


Starr's academic research is primarily concerned with science fiction and poststructural theory; to this end, his 2011 doctoral thesis explored the oeuvre of H.G. Wells in the light of the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze. Current publications and research projects include book and journal chapters concerning the assemblage of self in the science fiction series Dollhouse, intertext and liminality in the meta-horror film The Cabin in the Woods, and philosophical conceptions of time travel narratives. He has recently co-organised international conferences at UON concerning both Vampires on television, and transdisciplinary approaches to the works of Alan Moore, and has edited a themed journal collection dedicated to the work of the latter. He also has various HEA-funded projects and conferences in progress, as well as on-going Phd student supervisions.


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