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Dr. Michael Opoku Agyeman

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer - Computing
  • Department: Computing

General information

Michael Opoku Agyeman is a lecturer at the Department of Computing and Immersive Technologies. Previously, he was with the Intel Embedded System Research group of The Chinese University of Hong Kong as a Research Associate.  He received the PhD. from the Department of Computing at Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow, in 2014 and the MSc. degree in Embedded and Distributed Systems from London South Bank University, London, in 2009. He received the BSc. (Hons.) in electrical and electronics engineering from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Ghana, in 2008.

Michael's research interests include VLSI SoC design, reconfigurable computing, wired and wireless NoCs, computer architecture and operating systems.


Michael teaches on the following modules:

  • BSc Microprocessor Systems CSY2015
  • BSc Operating Systems CSY2002
  • BSc Digital Signal Processing CSY3022
  • MSc Modern Computer Architecture CSYM028
  • BSc Group Project CSY2027
  • Computing Dissertation CSY4010


Michael's research interests include:

  • reliable on-chip communication
  • immerging technologies for on-chip interconnect networks
  • surface wave communication
  • wireless on-chip communication
  • SoC design
  • 3D IC
  • computer architectures
  • networks-on-chips
  • FPGA design and many-core systems


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Other Publications

  • Michael Opoku Agyeman, Kin-Fai Tong, Terrence S. T. Mak: Towards reliability and performance-aware Wireless Network-on-Chip design. DFTS 2015: 205-210
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  • Michael Opoku Agyeman, Wen Zong, Ji-Xiang Wan, Alex Yakovlev, Kenneth Tong, Terrence S. T. Mak:
    Novel Hybrid Wired-Wireless Network-on-Chip Architectures: Transducer and Communication Fabric Design. NOCS 2015: 32:1-32:2 2013
  • Michael Opoku Agyeman, Ali Ahmadinia, Alireza Shahrabi:
    Heterogeneous 3D Network-on-Chip Architectures: Area and Power Aware Design Techniques. Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers22(4) (2013)
  • Michael Opoku Agyeman, Ali Ahmadinia, Alireza Shahrabi:
    Efficient routing techniques in heterogeneous 3D Networks-on-Chip. Parallel Computing 39(9): 389-407 (2013)
  • Michael Opoku Agyeman, Ali Ahmadinia:
    A systematic generation of optimized heterogeneous 3D Networks-on-Chip architecture. AHS 2013: 79-83
  • Michael Opoku Agyeman, Ali Ahmadinia:
    Optimised Application Specific Architecture Generation and Mapping Approach for Heterogeneous 3D Networks-on-Chip. CSE 2013: 794-801 2011
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  • Michael Opoku Agyeman, Ali Ahmadinia:
    Optimising Heterogeneous 3D Networks-on-Chip. PARELEC 2011: 25-30

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