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Research Profile

  • Lucy Zhu graduated with an Accounting and Finance undergraduate degree and a International Management masters degree from the University of Exeter. She started her career in Glasgow as a business development assistant and then a project manager on eSports centre projects. During the project, she built up a wide social network in Chinese eSports industry, including TJsport which is a collaboration between Tencent and Riot Games, a range of eSports academies, and professional eSports clubs.

    Lucy started her PhD in Sport Management at Loughborough University in 2018 and is now in the writing up stage.

  • Lucy leads the esports module SPO1053 esports Event Fundamentals, and teaches the quantitative part for SPO2018 Sport Research Methods.

    She also contributes to the following modules: SPO1052 Ready Player One? Gameplay and academic skills, SPO1051 Doing Sport & Exercise Psychology in the Digital Age, and SPO1050 Understanding esports Media.

  • Lucy’s PhD research focuses on eSports events quality management, as well as motivation and behavioural intention of eSports events spectators. She works with multidisciplinary researchers on her independent research including eSports recreational players motivation and wellbeing (physical and psychological), players’ injuries, gender equality in eSports, and game performance analysis.

    She is further interested in game addiction and perception and behaviours of different eSports genres by players (e.g., mobile game vs PC game).

  • X. Zhu, Pyun, D. Y., Manoli, E. A. and Men, Z. Y. (2019). Reexamination of Sport Motivation Scale-II (SMS-II) in Esports: Cross Validation of Intrinsic Motivation and Integrated Motivation. Asian Association of Sport Management.