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Dr. Kyffin Jones

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer in Education (ECYP)
  • Department: Education, Children & Young People

General information

Kyffin’s first degree was in International Relations and this international focus has remained an important part of his teaching and research. 

After graduating, Kyffin spent some years working in France as an English tutor before returning to England to pursue postgraduate study. Kyffin’s career as a teacher was focused primarily in the area of SEN and particularly Autism.  This practice was in the UK and also in Alaska, USA.

Subsequent roles as a classroom and advisory teacher led to Master’s level research focused on Autism and Interactive techniques.

Kyffin joined the University of Northampton in 2002. He has currently submitted his PhD thesis, ‘Stories of Inclusion and Enculturation; the Outsider’s Story’


Current teaching is primarily focused on the Education Studies and Childhood and Youth programmes.

Modules taught include

  • The European Dimension
  • Comparative and International Studies
  • Children in Society – SEN and Inclusion
  • Children in Society – Diversity and pluralism


Kyffin’s main areas of research are related to his two main interests namely, international studies and concepts of inclusion and diversity.

Kyffin is also interested in evaluating international student exchange programmes (short and long-term) and the impact on student outcomes.


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