Staff Profile

  • Jefferson Lake is the newest recruit to our Sports Journalism teaching team, joining as a Senior Lecturer from Sky Sports News in July 2021.

    Jefferson has been a professional sports journalist since 2003 and has covered a wide variety of top-tier sporting events for BBC Sport Online and Sky Sports, including Premier League football, the Olympic Games, Football and Rugby World Cups, international cricket and much more.

  • Jefferson Lake teaches at undergraduate level, primarily focusing on developing the reporting and writing skills of our Multimedia Journalism and Multimedia Sports Journalism students.

    At level 4, Jefferson organises the Writing Skills for Sports Journalists module, in which he uses his 18 years of industry experience to coach learners how to write about sport in a wide variety of styles and for different types of platforms. This teaching is also influenced by the sports journalism industry’s ongoing necessity to be adaptable in a digital space, with specific sessions focusing on writing for social media and producing live text commentaries for digital platforms.

    Jefferson is also part of the teaching team which oversees newsdays at level 4, on which the real-world environment of a newsroom is replicated for the students and in which they are expected to operate to the industry standard in terms of quality of output, professionalism, ethics and legal standards.

    At level 4 and 5, Jefferson leads on the faculty’s teaching related to eSports in a media context, exploring the ways in which this developing phenomenon has influenced sports journalism and how the modern media can facilitate its involvement within it.