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Mrs. Helena Beeson

  • Job title: Learning Development Tutor
  • Department: LLS - Learning & Development

General information

Helena is an Academic Practice Tutor with CfAP. She sees students on a one-to-one basis or as groups for help and guidance with a range of study skills.

Helena is interested in making this advice accessible to all members of the university across the world. She is developing strategies to help with this and am keen to work with academics and other staff across the institution more. She spent many years working at The University of Northampton as an Academic Librarian and have an interest in information skills as well as keeping up to date with developments across both campus libraries.


Before coming to Northampton Helena spent a number of years working for Kent County libraries, as well as some time packing fruit for supermarkets for my first job.

She graduated from her first degree in Leeds in 2001 and started working at the University of Northampton in the same year. She has enjoyed a few different roles in the library since then and worked with various Schools at both campuses. Helena gained her Masters in Modern English and Linguistics in 2005 whilst working here and her PGCTHE more recently. She is also a Chartered librarian and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.​


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