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Miss. Gillian Siddall

  • Job title: Academic Librarian
  • Department: LLS - Academic Services

General information

Gillian is an Academic Librarian working with the School of Health. I am based at Park Library.

Key responsibilities include:

  • delivering integrated teaching and learning programmes in information and IT skills for students and academic staff
  • day-to-day management of the materials budget for the School of Health
  • building collections in support of learning, teaching and research activities of the School of Health
  • liaising both formally (via School and Course Boards) and informally with staff of the School of Health on learning support issues.
  • promoting departmental services to students and staff
  • representing Library and Learning Services proactively in institutional meetings and to liaise as appropriate with other departments on learning support issues


Gillian has worked in Librarianship and Information Management in Further and Higher Education for four years. She has a BA (Hons) in Comparative American Studies from the University of Warwick and spent a year studying at the University of California, San Diego. She has an MA in Information and Library Management from Loughborough University. Gillian is currently studying for the PGCTHE through the School of Education whilst working at the University of Northampton. She is a member of the Libraries for Nursing committee, part of the Health Libraries Group.


My research interests include reading lists as a pedagogical tool for developing Information Literacy amongst undergraduate students. I have recently won the LIRG Research Award with my colleague Hannah Rose to fund our research in this area.


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