Staff Profile

  • Expert in the relations between cultural heritage management, tourism and sustainable development (SDGs). His specific research interest focuses on the possible link between tourism and the promotion of intercultural dialogue, global understanding and peace (SDG16+), bringing new concepts, methods, and techniques from peace and conflict studies to the field of tourism.

    He is in fact author of cutting-edge scientific articles, books, as well as scientific dissemination woks and opinion papers in many tourism magazine worldwide.

    Researcher of the UNESCO Chair on Humanities and Cultural Integrated Landscape Management, appointed in 2017 as Global Ambassador of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT), and IIPT special envoy to Iran. Scientific consultant for international projects (e.g., and Organizer of international scientific events and concept creator of the Global Festival of Peace through Tourism, he is also actively engaged with the industry, mainly as a scientific consultant in the field of cultural heritage and tourism for sustainable development.

    He was recently the main scientific consultant for the international project ‘MedPearls – The Mediterranean as an innovative, integral and unique destination for Slow Tourism, and he is scientific consultant for the European Network of Places of Peace for the “PLACES OF PEACE ROUTE – The European Peace Heritage Tourism”. He is also pro bono advisor for humanitarian interventions of Education in Emergency in conflict and crisis zones in the Middle East (e.g., Afghanistan).

  • His academic knowledge combined with over twenty years of field experience constantly enrich and improve his teaching portfolio.

    Among his most recurring modules
    • tourist destinations development,
    • tourism and sustainability,
    • heritage tourism,
    • marketing for tourism destinations,
    • tourism and geopolitics,
    • contemporary issues in tourism.

    His lessons are constantly enriched by his international experience as a practitioner, ensuring students a highly satisfying and constructive learning experience.

  • Areas of Interest and Expertise
    • Cultural heritage,
    • Tourism and Intercultural dialogue for Peace
    • Peace through tourism
    • International tourism and intercultural dialogue
    • International Tourism & Cultural Diplomacy
    • Cultural Heritage Quality Management and Tourism
    • Tourism, Local Communities and Sustainable Development
    • geopolitics of tourism.
    • UNESCO Chair on Humanities and Cultural Integrated Landscape Management
    • GOVCOPP – Research Unit in Governance, Competitiveness and Public Policies, DEGEI, University of Aveiro, Portugal (Scientific collaborator since 2014)
    • CGEO – Research Unit “Geosciences Centre” – Group on Quaternary and Prehistory of Geoscience
    • Centre (CIARTE) – University of Coimbra, Portugal (Scientific Collaborator since 2010).
    • Former associate researcher of the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations – Coventry University (UK).
  • For publications, projects, datasets, research interests and activities, view Fabio Carbone’s research profile on Pure, the University of Northampton’s Research Explorer.

  • Recent publications
    • Tavares da Silva, J., Breda, Z., Carbone, F. (Ed.s) (2022) Role and Impact of Tourism in Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Pennsylvania, USA: IGI Global
    • Carbone, F. (2021). ‘Don’t look back in anger’. War museums’ role in the post conflict tourism-peace nexus’, in Journal of Sustainable Tourism.
    • Carbone, F., Oosterbeek, L. and Costa, C. (2020). Extending and adapting the concept of quality management for museums and cultural heritage attractions: A comparative study of southern European cultural heritage managers’ perceptions, in Tourism Management Perspectives.
    • Carbone, F. (2018) Post-multicultural challenges for cultural heritage managers and museums in the age of migrations, in Museum Management and Curatorship
    • Carbone, F. (2017) International Tourism and Cultural Diplomacy: a new conceptual approach towards global mutual understanding and peace through tourism, in Turizam: An International Interdisciplinary journal
    Opinion Papers
    • Peace education, Propaganda or War Porn? Considerations on the potential role of war museums in tourism and peace (and two circumstances that prevent it to happen), Viagem na Historia – Revista de Turismo Militar.
    • “The Good, the Bad, or the Ugly”? Defining the war-related attractions’ role in the tourism-peace nexus: peace education, nationalist propaganda, or trauma porn? Twissen – The first independent tourism magazine (online)
    • DESTINAZIONE IRAN – Dove il Fattore Umano è l’attrazione principale, in UET News – Tourism Magazine.