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Research Profile

Dr Evgenia

Lecturer in Psychology and Mental Health

Faculty of Health, Education and Society

    • BSc Psychology (Foundation) Course Leader.
    • Module Co-ordinator for Level 6 PSY3004 Psychology of Mental Health Module and Level 7 PSYM064 Working with Schools and Communities.
    • Faculty Research Ethics Officer.
    • Student Psychology Society Lead.
    • Psychology in Practice – PSY1001
    • Introduction to Counselling – PSY1009
    • Developmental Psychology – PSY2015
    • Social Psychology – PSY2016
    • Counselling: from theory to practice – PSY2018
    • Psychology of Mental Health – PSY3004
    • Psychology of Health – PSY3013
    • Child and Adolescence Mental Health – PSY3026
    • Counselling in Context – PSY3028
    • Working with Schools and Communities – PSYM064
    • Cognitive and Biological Psychology and Neuroscience – PSYM80
    • Dissertation and Research Methods – PSYM086
    • Psycholinguistics: bilingual language acquisition, lexical and semantic priming, language and memory.
    • Mental Health: The effects of Covid-19 on mental health and wellbeing in academia: the academic during the pandemic; Mental Health Stigma; Service/Intervention Evaluation; ​Alexithymia (emotional unawareness)​.
    • ORCID ID:
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  • Pure profile

    • Volkovyskaya, E, Raman, I & Baluch, B. (2020) Psychological Research and Covid-19: Are a Few Notes Necessary? 
    • Volkovyskaya, E., Raman, I. & Baluch, B. (under review). The Impact of Switching Orthographies on Semantic Priming in Russian (L1) – English (L2) bilinguals: Naming Russian words in Roman and English words in Cyrillic, The Journal of Reading and Writing. 
    • Volkovyskaya, E. (2019). The use of clinical hypnotherapy in treatment of social anxiety and panic attacks: a case study. Contemporary hypnosis and integrative therapy 34(1): 42–50  
    • Volkovyskaya, E., Raman, I. & Baluch, B. (2017). Age of Acquisition (AoA) effect in monolingual Russian and bilingual Russian (L1) – English (L2) speakers in a free recall task. Writing Systems Research. 9(2), 148-163. DOI 10.1080/17586801.2017.1405136. [Print ISSN: 1758-6801, Online ISSN: 1758-681X]