Staff Profile

  • Eugenio is an accomplished photographer with 30 years’ experience. He has been at the forefront of Still Life photography in London since the start of his career. Meticulous planning and preparation are standard with his work with years of experience going into each shot he produces. He has built up a wealth of knowledge shooting a wide range of still life and conceptual ideas, he is valued for his technical ability using this skill to shoot for many of the UK’s leading Advertising agencies, blue chip companies and editorial magazines. Eugenio’s work continues to be recognised through various Industry Awards and competitions and he has been sharing his valued experience with the students at the University of Northampton on the BA Photography course for the past 12 years.

    • 12 years Associate Lecturer
  • Eugenio’s inspiring images have been recognised at Campaign Awards, D&AD and The Association of Photographers of which he is a full member.