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Mr. David Waller

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer in American Politics
  • Department: Economics, Intl Relations & Development

General information

David Waller was educated at the Universities of Oxford (BA Joint Honours in Ancient & Modern History) and London (MA in Area Studies ~ United States), and undertook further graduate work at the University of California at Berkeley.

He joined the University of Northampton in 1992 to teach American Studies and is now part of the International Relations and Politics course team.

He currently serves as chairman of the Northampton Branch of The Historical Association and as chairman of the Northamptonshire Archaeological Society.


BA (Hons) International Relations and Politics. Teaching on the following modules:

  • States, Empires and the Changing Global Order
  • Power and Vision
  • American Politics in a Global Age
  • Democracy in Action
  • Contemporary Challenges in World Politics

BA (Hons) History. Teaching on the following module:

  • Divided Nation to Superpower

MA International Relations. Teaching on the following module:

  • America after 9/11


David Waller’s principal research interests lie in Anglo-American diplomatic relations and he is currently investigating the correspondence of British consuls in the USA during the era of the American Civil War, in collaboration with Dr David Brown of the University of Manchester.


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