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Miss. Charlotte Dann

  • Job title: Lecturer in Psychology
  • Department: Psychology

General information

Charlotte is a social psychologist, interested in subcultures, feminities and identities. Broader areas of interest are: 

  • formation and construction of identities 
  • constructions of alternative identities 
  • representations of body modification​​


Charlotte is a Graduate Teaching Assistant, teaching at undergraduate level.


Charlotte is currently working through her PhD, considering femininities and identities with regards to tattooed women in the UK. Her research is intersectionally informed phenomenology. The research explores issues such as: 

  • the pathologization of women with tattoos 
  • the impact of employment 
  • how tattoos are used as a method of expression and communication 

Previous research by Charlotte has also looked into risk taking behaviours in adolescence, and also women’s conformity and resistance. 


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