Staff Profile

  • Bright’s industry experience cuts across the Oil and gas industry in Nigeria, and also the Hospitality industry and the Banking industry sectors both in the UK.

  • Taught the modules on Enterprise and circular economy value chain; Social responsibility and impact; strategy and decision making. Bright has also taught across two major subject groups under the faculty of business and Law at the University of Northampton. His teaching experience spans across the Business systems and Operations (BSO) subject group, and also Strategy and International Business (BIS) subject group where he lectured both MSc and MBA students respectively.

  • Currently, Bright has authored and co-authored two research publications around the area of disaster management.

    • Amajuoyi, B.C., Njoku, O.C., Arthur, J.K. and Sarwar, D., 2020. Disaster Management in High-Risk Regions: A Case Study of the Indian Himalayas Region. International Journal of Strategic Engineering (IJoSE), 3(1), pp.62-74.
    • Njoku, O.C., Amajuoyi, B.C., Sarwar, D., Arthur, J.K. and Hosseinian-Far, A., 2020. Impact of an integrated approach in disaster management. International Journal of Organizational and Collective Intelligence (IJOCI), 10(2), pp.20-36.