Staff Profile

  • Dr Salatian graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from Strathclyde University, Glasgow and a PhD in Computer Science from Aberdeen University, Aberdeen. He was a lecturer in Aberdeen and an Associate Professor in Nigeria. He is currently a Senior Lecturer in Computing at the University of Northampton. 

    • CSY1020 Problem Solving and Programming
    • CSY2030 Systems Design and Development
    • CSY3032 Systems Development Approaches
    • CSY3037 IT Project Management 
  • Dr Salatian is interested in techniques for processing and interpreting large data sets 

  • For publications, projects, datasets, research interests and activities, view Apkar Salatian’s research profile on Pure, the University of Northampton’s Research Explorer.

  • Springer Conference Papers 

    • Salatian, A. & Ume, A. (2011) ‘An Expert System for Interpreting ICU Monitor Data’. Proceedings of the 5th European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE), Ákos Jobbágy (Editor), Volume 37, pages 975-978, ISBN 978-3-642-23507-8, ISSN 1680-0737, Budapest, Hungary, Springer, 14-18 September 2011.   

    IEEE Conference Papers  

    • Salatian, A., Adepoju, F., Oborkhale, L. (2010) ‘Data Compression for ICU Telemedicine to Reduce Transmission Costs and allow Qualitative Reasoning’, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Software Technology and Engineering (ICSTE 2010), Volume 1, pages 242-246, IEEE Catalogue Number: CFP1030L-PR, ISBN: 978-1-4244-8665-6, San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA, 3-5 October 2010.
    • Salatian, A., Adepoju, F., Odinma, A. (2010) ‘A Data Wavelets Approach to Deriving Trends in Historical ICU Monitor Data’,  Proceedings of the 2010 IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium, pages 162 – 165, IEEE Catalogue Number: CFP10SAS-CDR, ISBN 978-1-4244-2787-1/09, Limerick, Ireland, 23-25 February,2010. 

    Book Chapters  

    • Salatian, A. (2013) ‘Validating the INTERPRETOR Software Architecture for the Interpretation of Large and Noisy Data Sets’, book chapter in the book entitled ‘Integrated Models for Information Communication Systems and Networks: Design and Development’, pages 135-148, IGI Global Publishers. ISBN 978-1466622081