Research Profile

Mrs Anna

Senior Lecturer in Leisure Management

Faculty of Business and Law

  • Anna Borley is currently a Senior Lecturer in Leisure Management (Tourism & Events) at the University of Northampton, Business School (UK). Anna earned her MA in Cultural Events Management at De Montfort University and has a BA in Contemporary Tourism Management from Staffordshire University. Anna has worked for UK-based retail and business travel companies, and has managed a college-based retail travel agency, as well as working in training roles within both sectors.​

  • Anna teaches tourism and events management within the Business School at The University of Northampton. She is module leader for, and teaches on several modules including:

    • LEI1003 – Tourism Impacts and Sustainability
    • LEI2003 – Sustainable Tourism
    • LEI3007 – The Cultural Olympiad
    • LEIM010 – International Sustainable Tourism ​
  • Anna has been involved in a number of research projects during her career with her main focus on the following subject areas:

    • Sustainable and responsible tourism
    • The impacts of tourism development
    • Sustainable and green events
    • Festival and cultural event management

    Completed research projects:

    • ‘Green Messages – Action, Recognition or Ignorance?’ (September 2011)​