Why Study at UON?

Date 5 October 2022

Studying at the University of Northampton enriches my life. I would say UON is the best place to develop your academic skills as well as to gain fabulous experiences. Northampton isn’t big and busy so you can cherish spending time with your friends and on your own, which I think is great for a student life.

Yuri Sato

In terms of our student accommodation, I live in one of them called St. John’s Hall, and I really like the life there. The room and facilities are clean and useful, and the security is ensured well so you can live safely. You will make a lot of nice memories with flat mates from all over the world!

When it comes to a career development, I’ve learned a lot from Changemaker Hub. Also, I got an Employability Plus Postgraduate Certificate by completing activities, such as understanding myself, building CV, assessing my achievements. They will also check your CV and do mock interviews. So, if you’ve got any worry about your career, it is the best way to visit Changemaker Hub.

One of the memorable things for me since I started studying here is the first assignment. I wasn’t used to writing a report in English and the format was so much different from what I used to write as an undergraduate student in Japan. I was struggling with it but that was also the moment that I learned I could get plenty of support for study from UON. Tutors are always supportive, and they are willing to have tutorials. Additionally, I would strongly recommend using Learning Development which offers opportunities for all students to develop academic skills. You can book 1-1 tutorials with them, and they will give you useful advice for writing essays, presentations as well as support for English. I’ve been using them every time I have an assignment, and they’ve been so helpful.

Also, one of the reasons why I choose UON is that I thought Northamptonshire was such a nice and beautiful place. There are some famous sightseeing spots such as Althorp which was the home of Princess Diana until she got married to Charles, Prince of Wales. You can see the lake where she is buried, and the inside of the house is wonderful. This place is open only during summer, so I would definitely recommend you go there to make a nice memory of your summer break.

Again, I love my student life here and I’m sure you will love UON too!

Yuri Sato
Yuri Sato

Yuri Sato is an international student from Japan, who has come to UON to further their higher education.