Leaving home

Date 5 October 2022

Feeling homesick after moving away for university, and tips on how to feel better about it.

Gavriela Theologou

Leaving home in order to go to university isn’t an easy decision or an easy process. Feeling homesick is something the majority of students experience at some point during their studies, but some people get more affected than others.

The mentioned feeling refers to the emotions you experience once moving away from home. Home can be living two streets down the road, or two seas away from your family and friends.

Personally, I moved from another country to Northampton to study. Homesickness was a feeling that I often felt and will always feel, so my advice to anyone feeling homesick is to express how you feel to your friends and family.


Make sure you phone or message the people you are missing. Additionally, depending on what makes you feel better, take some time to yourself or make plans to keep your mind occupied. Sometimes feeling like that makes you think that being away from home isn’t for you – maybe it isn’t, but in my case it made me appreciate home even more and I’d never regret going away to study.

The feeling of missing your family never leaves, but you learn to get used to it and appreciate the time with them even more.

Garviela Theologou
Gavriela Theologou

Gavriela Theologou is also known as Bella, she studies Fashion and before coming to UON spent her whole life in Greece.