Scientist conducting research

The University of Northampton is committed to delivering outstanding life-changing research. We have excellent individuals and teams doing very high quality research and generating significant external income. Our Research Institutes and Centres are well connected with key external partner organisations, locally, nationally and internationally. We produce internationally renowned and relevant research and disseminate knowledge widely.

Research ambition

Our research ambition for 2015-20 is ‘2020 : 200 : 20’. In the next five years we will produce at least 200 high quality research outputs a year and generate at least £20 million a year from external sources for research and enterprise activities.

Research and social impact

All the research that we undertake at the University, and the work that we do to generate new knowledge, is designed to have a social impact, helping improve the lives of people and the environment. Delivering social impact through research is a key part of the University’s strategic plan Transforming Lives + Inspiring Change and is integrated with the Changemaker Challenges.

The Changemaker Challenges include making a positive difference to Northamptonshire in the key areas of:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Education
  • Culture, Heritage and the Environment
  • Enterprise and Innovation

We are working with local partners to deliver these four Challenges as we seek to improve Northamptonshire.

Success in the Research Excellence Framework 2014

In the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014, the University of Northampton submitted to nine Units of Assessment. ‘World-leading’ research was identified in our submissions for:

  • Allied Health Professions
  • Art and Design
  • English Language and Literature
  • History
  • Geography and Environmental Studies
  • Education Units of Assessment

In History, 22% of research was rated as ‘world-leading’. In Art and Design, 20% of submissions were ranked ‘world-leading’ for their impact. ‘International excellence’ was identified in the submissions in Business and Management Studies, Engineering and Psychology units of assessment.

The complete results in the REF 2014 for the University of Northampton are available to view online.

For complete results data, please visit the results website.

Our Impact case studies were submitted to REF 2014, and are available to view on the REF website.