Three day International Marketing and Branding

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At each stage in the leather supply chain an understanding of international marketing and branding, at both the business to business and business to consumer levels, has become a vital part of every manager’s portfolio.

Changing global demographics, rapid urbanisation, the emergence of new economic powers and the growing middle class worldwide means that the consumer for leather is already changing. This course will frame modern marketing and branding within this evolving environment.

The aims of this course are:

  • to introduce you to the principles of brand management
  • to consider the role and significance of brands for organisational effectiveness
  • to outline the major aspects of international marketing

This course will contain a range of lectures, in-class assignments, case studies and exercises around the following topics:

  • the nature of brands and branding including the historical development of brands and current and future trends
  • brand equity
  • consumers and brands
  • brand building, positioning and repositioning
  • brand architecture, the relationship between corporate and product brands, marketing plans and organisational objectives
  • brand communications
  • component brands
  • corporate brand management
  • global competition and competitive strategies
  • international marketing environment
  • market entry strategies
  • emerging markets and local consumer contexts
  • developing a cross-cultural marketing strategy
  • contemporary marketing issues in brand management: challenges and opportunities in digital and global markets


This three day short course is being held from Monday 19 June until Wednesday 21 June. The course will cost £500 plus VAT.

How to apply

To apply for this course, please contact Rachel Garwood.


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