The Deputy Chair of the Board of Governors is appointed in accordance with Article 6. They are an officer of the University and is selected through an election process by the governors, who vote for one of their number for a three year period of office, with a formal renewal on an annual basis. The Deputy Chair’s role is defined in the University Byelaws as follows:


15.1    There shall be a Deputy Chair of the Board appointed by the Board who shall act as required by the Instrument and Articles.

15.2    The Deputy Chair shall be an Officer of the University and will articulate, sustain and exemplify its mission and values by his or her involvement in the life of the University.

15.3    The Deputy Chair of the Board shall be appointed in accordance with Article 6 using the election procedures in the University Byelaws, Procedures and Guidance Notes.

15.4    The Deputy Chair shall be Ex Officio a Member of the Court.

15.5    The duties of the Deputy Chair of the Board shall be established by the Board and require that, in the absence of the Chair of the Board, the powers of the Chair shall devolve to the Deputy Chair.

15.6    The Board shall delegate powers to the Deputy Chair as set out in the Board of Governors Scheme of Delegation and under these Byelaws.

15.7    The Deputy Chair may resign by notifying the Chair of Board and the Chair of the Nominations Committee. The Deputy Chair’s appointment may be terminated early by the Board for good cause, the Deputy Chair having had an opportunity to make appropriate written representation to the Board.”

The Deputy Chair is also responsible for supporting the Chair in the leadership of the Board of Governors, promoting its well-being and efficient operation, ensuring that governors work together effectively and have confidence in the procedures that have been laid down for the conduct of business. As a University Officer the Deputy Chair should take particular care that he or she observes the general Nolan Principles of Public Life and supports the Chair in the application of the Committee of University Chairs Higher Education Code of Governance.

Ex officio, the Deputy Chair is the Chair of the Nominations Committee and the Chair of the Remuneration Committee. The Deputy Chair also represents the Chair at internal events (such as Graduation Ceremonies) and external events (such as Committee of University Chairs meetings).

The role of the Deputy Chair of the Board of Governors is supportive in nature.  In the absence of the Chair, he or she acts as chair of the Board and any other committees or working groups as appropriate.  In the absence of the Chair, the Deputy Chair agrees the agenda of the Board of Governor meetings, chairs the meeting itself and subsequently agrees the minutes as ‘Chair’s agreed minutes’ until such time as they are formally approved at a Board meeting. As a result of the need for the Deputy Chair to lead significant committees of the Board Council, he or she should have considerable experience as a governor and as a meeting chair. In the interests of succession planning the Deputy Chair may assist in providing effective transition between successive Chairs of the Board of Governors.

In the long-term absence of the Chair, the Deputy Chair shall, in a case of urgency, be entitled to exercise the powers delegated to the Chair as indicated in the Byelaws, Scheme of Responsibilities & Delegation and Committee Handbook, being guided by the associated guidance material.