Male student working at a computer on campus

The University of Northampton has an excellent range of supportive resources to aid students in all aspects of their studies in order to help them achieve their academic potential.

The University recognises that individuals will have different needs and offers a diverse range of personalised systems to help students achieve their aims. The University’s Learning Development team offers one-to-one sessions, telephone or e-tutorials, drop in sessions, bespoke workshops for groups of students. Learning Development also provides study packs, Infographics, videos and rough guides on all academic skills including statistics, essay writing, critical analytical writing, dissertations and numeracy. All of our resources are available through NILE – Blackboard Learn. Each student is also assigned a personal tutor who can offer support and guidance on issues with mitigating circumstances, extensions and personal development planning.

University libraries are open seven days a week at both Park and Avenue campus, offering a range of timely and accessible learning support delivered online and face-to-face – embedded within courses or as personalised help. If you find the library overwhelming, are struggling with personal issues, have a disability, have mental health issues, a medical condition or a specific learning difference then we can support you through a variety of ways including:

  • one-to-one sessions
  • obtaining books in alternative formats
  • access to study rooms and assistive equipment
  • help with locating, reaching for and carrying material within the library
  • introduction to your academic librarian
  • free tools for reading and planning assistance
  • collections of self help books
  • information on copyright for visually impaired persons

Additional needs

The University’s Additional Student Support and Inclusion Services Team (ASSIST) work to promote equal opportunities and enable disabled students to achieve their full potential. The service is available to all disabled students, including those with physical and sensory impairments, specific learning differences such as dyslexia, autism spectrum, mental health difficulties or medical conditions. This includes part time, postgraduate and international students as well as distance learners and students at partner colleges. The team provides guidance to disabled students on:

  • coursework
  • exam arrangements
  • specialist study skills support
  • assistance with becoming more effective and independent in your studies
  • study facilitating and enabling support usually funded through the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA) which can include note taking support, external arrangement help with sign language interpreters or braille arrangements, library support, mentoring, accessible car parking on campus and mental health support bookings

For more information, please visit the ASSIST webpages.

The University’s on site Needs Assessment Centre (NAC) provides assessments of your study-related needs and support needs for DSA. Contact ASSIST before applying to the University, to ensure we can meet all of your additional requirements.