We can help you to find suitable private rental properties. Our Housing Team produce a housing list on our Student Pad/Lettings Pad site that provides you with details of properties that meet our high safety standards.

If you live in private rented accommodation you may need to consider costs other than rent, for example utilities, including water and electricity, council tax and car parking.

The student’s guide to private sector rented accommodation provides an overview of private sector accommodation in Northampton, including where and what to look for when considering renting a property, information about the housing list, featured properties and guidance leaflets. For featured properties and more information, visit the Northampton Student Lets website. If you have any questions or want to speak to current students visit our Facebook group.

There is a small provision of Nursing accommodation at Northampton General Hospital, that is owned and managed by the Hospital. For further information please contact the Accommodation Office on 01604 545455.

International students

If you are an international student and want to live in private rented property, contact Northampton Student Lets within the Students’ Union to discuss your needs. There may be financial or cultural differences to renting in the UK and the Housing Team will be able to guide you through any unfamiliar processes and legal aspects.

If you are looking for accommodation with a host family, email
madie.patel@northampton.ac.uk for an application form. To obtain a Housing Guarantor in UK visit the Housing Hand website.

If you are having difficulty finding somewhere to live, please contact
International Students’ Support for advice and guidance.