We offer so many courses, it can be hard to choose just one. With a Joint Honours degree, you can study two courses, whether they are closely related or completely different. Depending on how much time you want to spend on each subject, your degree may emphasise one subject more than the other, which is a major and minor programme. Alternatively, you can study your subjects equally, resulting in a joint degree.

Joint honours degrees are taught in the same way as single honours degrees, with 120 credits taught per year, over three years. If you do not want to complete the full programme, you can qualify for a Higher Education Certificate or Diploma if you complete 120 or 240 credits respectively.

Admission to a Joint Honours course is similar to the ordinary undergraduate degrees, so apply through the usual UCAS route.

Combinations available

Although you have the choice of which subjects you would like to study, there are some restrictions to make sure your timetable doesn’t clash. The table below lists the subjects available. You can choose any two subjects, as long as they are in different blocks.

Advertising Education Studies Business Accounting
Business Entrepreneurship English Drama Criminology
Creative Writing Law Education Studies History
Economics Marketing Management Film and Screen Studies Human Geography
Events Management Media Production and Moving Image Health Studies Human Resource Management
Popular Music Sport Studies Management Multimedia Journalism
Psychology International Development Sociology Social Care
International Tourism Management

All subjects listed above are available as major, joint or minor combinations.

If you can’t see the combination that you would like to study, contact us to find out if we can help. If you wish to study a Joint Honours course on a part-time basis, you can apply directly to us.

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