These fees relate to full time UK and EU students commencing the first year of their undergraduate course in 2018/19


Tuition fee per year

BA and BSc £9,250
HND £9,250
Foundation degree £9,250
Foundation Study Framework (as part of a 4 year programme) £6,500
PGCE (full time) £9,250
1 Year Top Up Courses £9,000

Tuition fees are payable for each year of the course. The fees are subject to change during the continuing academic years of the course due to annual inflationary increases.

How and when course fees are paid

If you have a tuition fee loan from Student Finance England you don’t have to pay your fees up front. Most UK and EU students will be able to apply for a tuition fee loan from Student Finance England (SFE) or from your regional funding body in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland (eligibility criteria apply). EU students who meet the eligibility criteria should be able to take out a tuition fee loan from the Student Finance European Team.

You don’t start paying back your student loans until you leave University and you are earning more than £21,000 per year.

Paying your own fees

If you don’t want to borrow your tuition fees from the UK Government you can pay your fees directly to the University without taking out a loan. If you choose to pay in this way the fees will have to be paid while you are studying and payment cannot be deferred in the same way as a tuition fee loan.  If you choose to pay your tuition fees in full before 1 September 2018 we can offer you a discount of £500. There are two payment options available:

Option 1: payment in full by 1 September 2018

Annual fee Less £500  discount Amount to pay
£9,000 £500 £8,500
£9,250 £500 £8,750
£6,500 £500 £6,000

Option 2: payment in two equal instalments

Annual fee Instalment payment Due for payment
£9,000 Two instalments of £4,500

1st payment by 1 September 2018

2nd payment by 19 January 2019

£9,250 Two instalments of £4,625

1st payment by 1 September 2018

2nd payment by 19 January 2019



Two instalments of £3,250

1st payment by 1 September 2018

2nd payment by 19 January 2019

It is vitally important to make sure you have sufficient funding to pay your fees before you commence your course. If you cannot afford to make payment as outlined above, it is advisable for you to consider taking out a loan, if you are eligible to do so.

Part time tuition fees

New students who commence a part-time undergraduate course in 2018/19 may be eligible to apply to Student Finance England for loans to pay fees and receive maintenance. Part-time students from Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland may be eligible to apply to their regional funding body for support to cover the cost of their tuition fees (eligibility criteria apply).

For more information on the eligibility criteria for part-time tuition fee loans, please visit the Student Finance page for undergraduate courses and the Student Loans Company page for postgraduate level courses. Professional courses are not eligible for student support from Student Finance England.