It is important that you have funding in place before commencing your course. If you have not yet made arrangements for paying your tuition fees, or are still undecided, please see the available options below.

Postgraduate Loans

Postgraduate Loans (PGL) of up to £10,250 are available for students who enrol onto a full (180 credit) postgraduate course.

  • A non-means tested loan up to a maximum of £10,250 will be made available to students applying for a full Masters courses commencing in the 2017-18  academic year
  • The loan will be paid directly to the student, into a UK bank account
  • Online applications for 17/18 are due to open in June 2017
  • The loan will be available to students across all discipline subject areas for all full-time, part-time and distance learning* Masters programmes

*Part-time and Distance Learning courses must be completed within a maximum of two years.

Further information and eligibility criteria for Postgraduate Loans can be found on the HE Info website.

It is recommended that you apply for your Masters course at the University of Northampton prior to making your application for a PGL.

If your PGL application is approved, payments will be paid to you in three instalments per academic year (maximum of two years). Students with a PGL will therefore be required to pay their tuition fees as follows:

Course Payment Dates
September Start 1 November, 1 March and 1 June
January/February Starts 1 March, 1 July and 1 October
May Start 1 June, 1 October and 1 January

Employer paying

Please provide a sponsor letter (on company headed paper) or a purchase order by the deadlines below to avoid any unnecessary delays to your enrolment.

September starts 8 September 2017
January or February starts 8  January 2018
May starts  27 April 2018

This can be uploaded at pre-enrolment stage or emailed to

After you have completed your enrolment an invoice will be raised and sent to your employer with 28 day settlement terms.

Paying your own fees

If you are paying in full at the start of your course, payment should be made by the deadlines below:

September starts Pay in full by 8 September 2017
January or February starts Pay in full by 8 January 2018
May Starts Pay in full by 28 April 2018

Students paying in full can pay on our secure, online e-payments system. At ‘Payment Type’ select ‘Advance Payment’. Visit our finances page to pay by bank transfer.

Instalment payments are available for fees in excess of £1,000 as shown in the table below. You will be able to request instalment payments at the pre-enrolment stage. Admissions will email you to tell you when you can pre-enrol – usually three or four weeks before your course starts. Payment plans must be set up via our on-line portal, the link will be emailed to you once you indicate you wish to pay by this method or you can request this in advance by calling 01604 892236.

Payment is by debit card or credit card only (all major cards except Diners and American Express). It is not possible to make instalment payments online or by bank transfer. Please do not make payments by any method other than the link that we will send to you.

Course Initial Payment Payment Dates


(September starts)

25% of full annual fee

8 September 2017

Balance in by 7 equal instalments 1 November 2017 to 1 May 2018


(January/February starts)

25% of full annual fee

8 January 2018

Balance in 7 equal instalments 1 March 2018 to 1 September 2018


(May starts)

25% of full annual fee

27 April 2018

Balance in 7 equal instalments 1 July 2018 to  1 January 2019

Please note: If you are paying your own fees, you will not be able to enrol until you have made the initial payment and set up an instalment plan (or have paid in full if you are paying the full fee at the outset).

If you studied your undergraduate course at the University of Northampton you will be eligible for a 20% graduate discount on a full Masters course.

Self-funding students studying a full 180 credit Masters course who opt to pay in full before enrolment will be eligible for £500 fee discount.

Only one fee discount can be applied.