1. Leather for Fashion

    • Award BA (Hons)
    • Qualification Undergraduate
    • UCAS Code W220

    This unique course will give you the specialist skills you need for careers in the Leather garments area of the fashion industry. You will have access to bespoke facilities, including our working tannery, to help you learn more about the properties of leather and applying them to garment design and manufacture. We have industry links which support live design projects and provide opportunities for work experience.

  2. Leather Technology

    • Award BSc (Hons)
    • Qualification Undergraduate
    • UCAS Code J430

    For those interested in a technological or scientific qualification that will lead to an opportunity to work and travel within a manufacturing industry, the benefits offered by this course are outstanding. With a wave of retirements of the Boomer Generation within the next decade, the industry, which is already short of technically skilled staff, is searching for well trained young executives to support and prepare for these senior positions. Our employability rate has been 100% within six months of the student graduating for the last four years.

  3. Leather Technology

    • Award PhD
    • Qualification Postgraduate

    If you are a graduate in a physical science or similar discipline, this course is a great way to enter or develop your knowledge of the leather production and associated industries.

  4. Leather Technology (Professional)

    • Award MSc
    • Qualification Postgraduate

    Next intake January 2020. The leather industry is packed with exciting career opportunities and this course is an excellent route in if you have a science or technology background. It's also a great way to expand your knowledge and skills if you are already in the leather industry.

  5. Leather Technology top-up

    • Award BSc (Hons)
    • Qualification Undergraduate
    • UCAS Code J43D

    If you already have some experience or qualifications in the leather industry, this course will help you top that up to a full degree. Our course is very flexible, to suit your interests, while also helping you learn everything you need to meet the expectations of employers in the leather industry. This means that when you graduate, you will be highly sought after and you will be able to find work in the area of leather supply chain that you are most interested in.

  6. Leatherseller’s Certificate

    • Qualification Undergraduate

    This one year full-time course is the perfect introduction to help you go straight into the leather industry. You will get a thorough grounding in leather and its requirements through a practical approach in our specialised laboratories, underpinned by essential theory.

  7. Leatherseller’s Diploma

    • Award University Diploma
    • Qualification Undergraduate

    This one year course allows you to progress from our Leathersellers' Certificate. The knowledge and experience you will gain from this course will allow you to find work in the leather industry at various stages of the leather supply chain. You will study the practical elements of leather science, underpinned by essential theory.

  8. Three month Professional Leather Development course

    If you are already working in the leather industry, this course will help you to develop your skills. You will be taught by experts in the field, covering a comprehensive overview of leather science and technology, and combining theory and practice over the course of 12 weeks. You will produce a portfolio of work at university level to demonstrate what you have learned.