Zack Maskell

Graphic Communication Design BA (Hons)

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Hello, I’m Zack Maskell, my interests in graphic design are branding, more specifically sports branding. Although throughout my time at university I have explored a wide variety of briefs which has opened my eyes to different areas within design. I’ve enjoyed working on briefs for Nike through D&AD. I am hardworking and love a challenge.  Discovering new ways to push ideas to engage with an audience is something I am passionate about and I hope to continue this passion in my future work.

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Sneaker Sniffer Book


Sneaker sniffer is a book that breaks away from the traditional coffee table book on trainers. It avoids any high quality images of trainers and instead focuses on the cultures and sub-cultures that have spawned or been altered by sneakers in society.



My Type Of Place


We had to pick a location of our choice and give it a new life through typography in a positive way. I chose Ruckers Park as it has a rich history but has been lost due to its location and heavy use.



D&AD New Blood

Knock on Effect Campagn for Key4Life & Landor

The campaign focuses on – highlighting to the target audience how their actions has a detrimental effect on not only them but the people and things around them.



Penguin Book student Competition

Cover Design for The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-wells

We had to redesign the cover for a book of our choice in an innovative way to appeal to a new audience in the hope it will attract people to understand the earths condition.

The image is a mock up of the full cover of the book