Wasif Sarfraz

International Marketing Strategy MSc

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  • Year of Graduation: 2021
  • Current Job title: Events Assistant
  • Organisation/Company: University of Northampton
  • Industry sector: Higher Education

Your current role

Why did you pick this course?

I’m a marketing enthusiast and have always been fascinated by it, and it was what I decided to study for my Bachelors’ degree. I decided to study the MSc International Marketing Strategy because the strategic aspect of marketing in the global arena was something I wanted to explore more; concepts like globalisation are becoming more relevant and I knew it would open more opportunities for me in the long run. Also, there are not many universities providing an option to specifically explore the strategic aspect of marketing, so I opted for this course and it was worth it!

What aspects of the course have you enjoyed the most, and why?

Though it was a taught degree, the academics ensured that we got a hands-on experience with practical aspects. Working through simulations was a big part of the modules which would give you a deeper understanding and a glimpse of real-life experiences. Not just that, we had to present a proposal for a real company that would make their international expansion decision based on our findings. I was really fascinated by this and am proud to state that my report was sent to this company.

Your university/career journey

How did you gain the qualifications or experience necessary?

In the long run, I want to run my own business, so I started getting the gist of the corporate world by working in a sales and marketing department in one of the biggest banks in Pakistan. However, as for my long-term plans, I need to experience the international market and the strategies for marketing in a global arena. Not only did I study international marketing, but now I’m working at the University of Northampton in the Marketing and International Relations department, which I regard as unprecedented experience in terms of practical implementation of my degree.

How do you think that your study has helped your career or personal development?

Many of the modules had simulations to get us used to real world situations. Also, having worked on a project to help the international expansion of a real company expanded my horizons in terms of learning and confidence. It certainly helped me with my CV, as I was employed within a month of my graduation!

Which if any skills and knowledge/understanding gained on your degree are useful in your work role?

We were given free access to Microsoft Office Suite and most of the simulations in marketing strategy modules were Excel based. The advanced version of this suite has proved to be quite handy within my current role. There are many other skills like report writing, Gantt Chart creation, etc. that are quite prevalent in my role.

Your advice

In one sentence, what advice would you give to undergraduates interested in this work e.g. tips on gaining entry, accessing opportunities, anything you wish you had known earlier?

Make best use of the resources provided to you, whether that’s the library, Students’ Union, academic tutors, or free software.

In ten words or less how would you promote the University of Northampton to prospective students?

Be bold with your decision and UON will support you further!

In ten words or less how would you summarise your university experience?

Full of adventures and learning.