Tia Hamilton

Graphic Communication Design BA (Hons)

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Hello, I’m Tia! I would class myself as an entrepreneur as I’ve recently started a small business (Creative Guruu) which focuses on experimentation in reusing and recycling materials into new masterpieces. I am a creative and enthusiastic professional who strives to challenge the status quo. I am passionate about product design, as this is all new to me; I have explored the possibility of taking a year out before returning to university to do a MA in Product Design.

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Most Corrupt

Final Major Project

Most corrupt is a comedy game featuring the most outrageous political scandals. The game aims to be humorous using sarcasm and satire to communicate real- life corruption within politics. This game will make for the best icebreaker and surely have guests entertained at adult gatherings. Knowledge of politicians is not required for the game but would help as an advantage in winning, this means anyone without any political background can play.



Editorial Beyond the Page

Eye Magazine Issue 38 Winter 2000

My editorial beyond the page spreads pays homage to The South Issue 54 and other Push Pin Studio graphics, conveying the use of simple layouts and their popular use of columns. The article speaks on the civil rights movement; in relation to this I wanted to create an augmented reality that also showcases the current fight for racial quality.



YCN – The ‘Guardian Angel’ Campaign

Guide the Future in the Right Direction

The campaign is a two part series based around the myth of having a guardian angel, which works with the name of the newspaper as it is a synonym. A guardian is thought to watch over and protect a person, they’re meant to give direction, help, and guidance. The message behind the campaign is that The Guardian newspaper can provide guidance on current world matters; which can help shape the future in a way that will be beneficial for the growing generation.



Design Thinking a Solution to Save Future Generations


The actions us humans have made over the past few decades orchestrates a major factor in the unprecedented challenges we are faced with today. Society needs to urgently facilitate change in lifestyle and habits to influence a better future for following generations. This dissertation investigates the effectiveness of design thinking processes and analyses its assets to give insight into how collectively all organisations can utilise this outlook, alongside showcasing organisations who have made significant change using this ideology.